Leads can be created from various screens in the system

From the main Leads list screen, menu item Leads | Leads

Click on the + New Lead button

Complete the required fields and click on the Save button

Field descriptions:

  • Contact: Select an existing client or capture a new client's details
  • Campaign: Group the lead to one of your existing campaigns or create a new campaign
  • Assignee: Select one of the lead agents you wish to assign to the lead. Leaving the assignee blank will allow all agents to see the lead and assign it to themselves
  • Follow up date: This is optional and can be set as a reminder to the agent
  • Notes: This is a free text field that can be used by the agents to record notes regarding the lead or to communicate instructions when handing the lead from one agent to another

Leads can also be created from the Campaign view by navigating to the View Leads List

Or from the Contact view, in the Leads section